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Accelerate Time to Value with Data

Most data needs to be given very special and time-consuming attention before it can be used in your business.

      Fast-track the journey of your data from source to value.

      Automatic data integration

      Don't put up with traditional data integration patterns.

      There are points in time when certain approaches need to be completely re-evaulated. Be honest, data integration is time consuming, error-prone and requires endless maintenance. This alone should tell you that we are doing it wrong. CluedIn has cracked the modern approach to data integration and for you it means that data ingestion and data integration can be automated.

      Offline Data Preparation means halted processes.

      Cleaning, wrangling and preparing data in an offline style means that data cleaning is never made part of the process, but something that you will eventually get to at a later point. CluedIn throws data preparation right into your face, making it just part of your every day life.

      Data Preparation
      Vocab lineage

      Forget loading your mind with things that you need to do, but aren't a priority. 

      Whether you like to admit it or not, Data Privacy, Data Governance, Retention, Cataloging, Lineage and other pillars of data management are a necessity in every single project you run with data. Instead of making this an afterthougth or another item on your list of "TODO's", CluedIn makes this part of the foundation. 

      Deployment and Sharing of Data is not an afterthought.

      So you have all your data ready, but you are stalled in setting up the right connections and paths of data flow to get it into production. CluedIn allows you to do this once, and benefit from every time you want to share data again in the future. 

      Deployment and data sharing
      Data quality metrics

      Fill your business with trust in data.

      You cannot get value from data if you can't prove to your business that they are working with high-quality data. CluedIn traces the entire lifetime of data and gives you the ability to prove that high-quality data, yields high-quality results.

      Model on "Use"

      Many data projects are rendered in-flexible due to data being modelled into a corner where it takes too long to serve data in another way. With CluedIn modelling data in a Graph, it allows us to project the model into any other structure on read. 

      Model on use
      Inbuilt learning

      With inbuilt learning, which reduces manual work over time.

      CluedIn utilises reinforcement learning to learn and adjust with your data over time. This means, that CluedIn will suggest automated transformations, cleaning and actions on your flowing data as it learns more.

      WHAT'S NEXT?

      CluedIn utilises modern approaches to accelerate your data to the point where it is ready-for-insight.


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