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Achieve more with data by enabling business users to improve data quality unlock insights drive value

Give your business users the tools to produce the highest quality data for your most important projects, with master data management for Microsoft Azure.

Announcement: We're thrilled to announce the launch of CluedIn SaaS, designed to bring enterprise-grade data quality solutions to companies of all sizes.    Read more >

What can Azure master data management do for you?

Master data management (MDM) plays a critical role in the modern enterprise. It is essential to ensuring that data is of the highest quality, and that it can be created and consumed across the business. When everyone is empowered to make data work for them, amazing things can happen.

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Master data management for
the business, by the business.

MDM for data leaders

CluedIn transcends traditional master data management (MDM) by offering a unique, integrative approach that not only consolidates and cleanses data but also intelligently connects disparate data sources. Our pioneering platform empowers leaders with reliable, real-time insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic agility.

MDM for data teams

CluedIn's advanced capabilities in data consolidation, cleansing, and connection facilitate a unified view of data across various sources, enabling teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively. By streamlining data workflows and providing actionable insights, we allow data teams to focus on strategic initiatives, driving innovation and delivering tangible business outcomes.

Microsoft Azure Seller?

Discover why CluedIn is the preferred choice for master data management on Microsoft Azure



Everything you expect from master data management…

Data Integration

Integrate data from various sources, including databases, ERP systems, CRM systems, and other applications. 

Cleansing & Enrichment

Remove inaccuracies, duplicates, inconsistencies and enrich data by filling in missing information or standardizing formats.

Data Governance

Manage data access, compliance, and policies by managing who has access, under what conditions, and track how data is used over time.

Data Quality

Ensure the accuracy, completeness, and reliability of master data. This involves continuous monitoring and validation of data quality.

Data Modeling

Create data models that define how different data elements relate to each other. 

Workflow Management

Manage data review and approval processes, ensuring that data changes are properly vetted before being committed.

Hierarchy Management

Manage complex hierarchies and relationships between data entities, which is crucial for accurate reporting and analysis.

Multi-Domain Support

Multiple domain support of master data (like customer, product, employee, etc.), allowing for a holistic approach to data management.

...and so much more

AI Features2

Powerful AI Features

Instantly clean, standardize and deduplicate data with Azure OpenAI and CluedIn AI Assistant.


Low-Code Integration

Easily integrate & blend structured, semi-structured & unstructured data from thousands of data sources with our simple, low-code UI. 


Augmented Modeling

CluedIn is the only MDM platform that lets you integrate data flexibly, and develop your schema later with Knowledge Graph and auto-generated data modeling suggestions.

Fast-time-to-value – 2

Fast Time to Value

Deploy CluedIn directly into your Azure tenant from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and start mastering your data in as little as 20 minutes.


Dan Stillwell
Data and AI Director

The relationship between Microsoft and CluedIn drives value for businesses and really helps them to achieve more.


In our experience with CluedIn, we have encountered a truly exceptional product and company. The CluedIn team has consistently gone above and beyond to support us at every step of our journey.


Gartner Peer Review | November 2023

Very responsive and knowledgeable team. Great collaboration and we like the new approach to MDM, which is a tough topic as it is.


Gartner Peer Review | February 2024

With only a small data services team, we needed an efficient tool to make sure we could structure, unlock and manage our data. CluedIn’s solution is innovative, backed by a supportive team, and offers competitive license costs - all within the Azure environment.


Untitled design (22)

Carolyn Gray

GM Information and Data Services | Sunwater

CluedIn combined with Microsoft Azure offers a fast and simple way for enterprises to realize their data estate's full value while eliminating the hardest parts of the master data management journey. Microsoft is excited to work with CluedIn as a partner to help our customers build the data foundation they need to drive innovation, reduce time to market, and gain competitive advantage.



Yvonne Muench

Sr. Director | Microsoft

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Microsoft Purview, CluedIn and Microsoft Fabric: key use cases

CluedIn, Microsoft Purview, and Microsoft Fabric work together seamlessly to provide organizations with a flexible and secure data estate. Read this ebook to learn about the key uses for this essential trio including raising data quality, implementing data governance and advanced analytics.


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MDM for Microsoft Azure

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