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Why is a Cloud-Native Master Data Management platform important?

I was recently speaking with an analyst in the master data management industry and I was informed from him that "companies are not the ones asking for cloud native-ness with Master Data Management, it is the Vendors pulling them in this direction. "

I could speculate on this, but would rather discuss what we have seen here at CluedIn. Achieving a successful Master Data Management implementation is really hard. It is fraught with possible failure, no matter the company, no matter the people, no matter the technology or data. Hence, I believe this is at least one of the reasons why cloud might not be a top priority for a Modern Master Data Management projects with companies.

So it's now my job to attempt to convince you why Cloud should be on your checklist when you are building your MDM platform. It is worth mentioning that you can retrofit a non-cloud-native Master Data Management platform to achieve some of the below items, but a truly cloud native will more naturally benefit from these items.


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