What is the difference between the Data Warehouse and CluedIn?

It is a relevant question. Very relevant. The Data Warehouse is the place that you place all your data in, to make a universal, catch all use case for any data
project. Or so we thought. That is the thing with technology, it is hard to predict. Turns out, it was great for reporting. Turns out, it is still good for reporting. But also turns out that many use cases with data today can’t use the Data Warehouse. Why?

Because the data is too mature at that point. Sounds silly, but makes complete sense. The Data Warehouse is designed to be able to run very well known queries on extremely large amounts of data. Guess what? That is not what is needed from the business today! We need flexible, easy access to data from across the business and the less time I spend in cleaning, blending and molding it, the better.

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