What is in the labs?

There are many exciting up and coming pillars.


Teach CluedIn to be a leader

The future of Data Management is in Machine Leaning

There is a point in classic engineering where we need to look for "smarter" ways to help in the process. 


  • CluedIn Train will teach your fabric to automate cleaning tasks over time. 

  • Simple and usable by everyone

Automate Everything

CluedIn is 100% focussed on streamlining every part of the data journey

Systems like CluedIn will only get smarter over time. As technology evolves, we do as well. Your data can take the same journey by not standing still and by constantly being activated. 


  • Reinforcement Learning

  • Simple Annotation and Labelling

  • Graph-based Data Stewarding


Never stop teaching

Never stop learning

CluedIn activates metadata through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to have automation in every part of the data chain.


  • Data can work for us 

  • The future of data is very much in computer-aided everything 

  • Data confidence comes from a combination of rules and patterns

The CluedIn Data Fabric is evolving

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