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CluedIn Product Demonstration

Data Fabric

Watch as we take you through the full process of ingestion and value.

What is CluedIn?

What our customers say about CluedIn.

Our mission at CluedIn is to help companies become data-driven.

Convergys Conference

Data Foundation

How Convergys built their data foundation in 4 months.

How to build a decision engine

With Graphs

Machine Learning, Graph-Driven decisions engines.

Building a Connected Enterprise

In 45 minutes...

What are the pillars of Data Management that are needed?

Building an integration platform

Solving the core challenges

Taking the contrarian approach to data management.

Enterprise Search Demonstration

One-Click Enterprise Search

How to gain search across your entire business.

Machine Learning Case

Streaming data to Machine Learning tools

How to fuel data science teams with good quality data.

Business Intelligence Case

Fuel BI tools with good data

Simplifying and accelerating your business intelligence projects.

Customer 360, made easy

Building a single view, of anything

Unifying data has never been this easy.

Data Privacy Use Case

Covering your data with confidence

How to enable full data privacy coverage over your data.

Interview with CluedIn CEO

How graphs are the future?

Graphs give companies the ability to store their data in the highest fidelity.

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