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What are CluedIn customers solving with CluedIn?

What challenges can you solve with CluedIn?


Outclassing traditional Master Data with the Augmented experience.

Automate more. Save costs. Raise Efficiencies. 

Modern MDM platforms come with sophisticated and critical augmented experiences for managing data.


  • Rules can only capture certain elements of master data.
  • Augmented experiences make Data Stewards more efficient.
  • Data doesn't follow rules, so you need engines to capture the rules automatically.

Fueling Snowflake with high quality data.

Get the best out of your cloud native investments by feeding them with quality data.

Snowflake is a fantastic, cloud native data warehouse for offering immense flexibility in running queries against mountains of data.


  • No Data Warehouse in the world will prove value if fed with bad quality data.
  • Feed data from over 200+ sources directly into Snowflake.
  • Give you Snowflake project the best chance possible to succeed.

Auto ML, without prescribing data to Data Robot.

Data Robot is the leading player in Auto ML and ML Ops. It needs data. Let's feed it.

Data Robot is a market leader in AI and ML and gives companies without large Data Science teams the ability to utilise ML.


  • Data Robot needs good quality data to be able to yield good results.
  • We need to provide Data Robot with data that is governed, tracked, clean and valid data.
  • Connect Data Robot directly to CluedIn to run Auto ML over your entire data landscape.

Fuel any cloud tools from your Data Fabric.

CluedIn can provide any data to any cloud environment, no matter where you are hosted.

We believe in the right tool for the right job and you should not be held back due to where your data is or what cloud provider you choose.


  • CluedIn can stream data across cloud providers.
  • Efficient data transfer and cost of movement.
  • How you can use CluedIn to send data to DataBricks, RedShift and Google ML.

Healthcare Data Fabric.

Get a single view of patients, so you can provide the highest of patient care.

See how the Data Fabric can be utilised to break down the silos of Healthcare providers.


  • CluedIn can merge fuzzy patient records across systems.
  • Clean dirty data so you can have a single view of your patient.
  • Drive healthcare insights.

Build your Digital Integration Hub.

Provide your company with a backbone of data delivery and integration.

See how the Data Fabric can be utilised to provide a fluid and flexible data integration layer.


  • Data Integration needs to be enabled by an easy data backbone for authentication, delivery, scale and more. 

Building a green energy data fabric.

Data Driven Energy and Utilities. 

See how the Data Fabric can be utilised to provide utilities companies with a central fabric of data.


  • Provide high quality data across the business to consume and build insights.

Single View at Last!

Data Driven NGOs  

All your supporters in one place. CluedIn enables charities to have a single view of a supporter across all data sources, so when you have a question, you know we can answer it.

Looking to the future, CluedIn can help charities track donations from their donors to understand the impact of every dollar back to the donor by being more transparent. This enables charities to build trust with their donors that the money they collect goes to the chosen cause.


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