Pricing: Starter Plan


Starter Plan

28,500 USD / year per 4 CPU cores

Includes features like:

  • Database Connectors
  • Files
  • Automated Data Integration
  • 4 Metrics
  • Compliance
  • CluedIn Clean
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Rules Engine
  • Glossary
  • Streaming
  • Automatic PII Detection
  • Data Dictionary
  • GraphQL
  • Data Lineage
  • Bronze Support
  • Data Source Access Control
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Data

Database Connectors

Inbuilt Integrations to PULL data from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres. No CDC support, it will use a schedule that YOU can define.


Upload CSV, TSV, Excel for one time ingestion of data.

Automated Data Integration

Zero-Modelling, Zero-Indexing semantic based integration. No code, simple.

4 Metrics

We will measure Accuracy, Completeness, Relevance and Connectivity of your data.


Generate Subject Access Requests directly from CluedIn.

CluedIn Clean

Intuitive data cleaning tools for data stewards to clean data.

Duplicate Detection

Graph Based, Deterministic, Probabilistic Duplicate Detection.

Rules Engine

Build business rules to make automatic decisions on data.


Build a Business Glossary that maps your data to business terms.


Push data from CluedIn to downstream consumers. This version only supports pushing to databases.

Automatic PII Detection

Detect Personal Data in Structure Data.

Data Dictionary

An automated dictionary of all metadata from integrated sources.


A simple to use query language to be able to PULL data from CluedIn.

Bronze Support

24 / 7 Support.

Data Source Access Control

Allow read access to data at a data source level.

Unlimited Users

You can have as many people login and use the platform as you want.

Unlimited Data

There is no limit to the amount of data and the amount of data sources you would like to add to your CluedIn account.


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