Senior Implementation Engineer

Help our customer achieve success.

CluedIn is 100% focused on customer and partner success. Join our implementation engineering team in building solutions to help our customers and partners achieve success with their data-driven ambitions. 

Detailed Job Description

As an implementation engineer, you will be helping our customers and partners implement CluedIn in the best practices. CluedIn is a platform that is designed to be extended. This means that each customers implementation might look slightly different. 

  • Have experience with building scalable solutions. 
  • Can guide our implementation team, and if you need to get your hands on the keyboard then you will. 
  • Have an architectural mind, with a "hands on keyboard" mentality. 
  • Not need to be someone who builds "beautiful code" - but code that works. 
  • Focus on the success of the projects and the sustainability of the customer implementation. 
  • Be a "go-to" person for anything technical i.e. SSL, Networking, Infrastructure. You need a fundamental understanding of a broad array of topics but don't need to be an expert. In this role, it is more important that "you know what to google".
  • You have a project mentality - tasks have due dates, time frames, costs and more. 
  • You have experience in speaking with customers, and instilling confidence, in particular the senior technical resources at a customer.

  • C# (8+ years)
  • .net Core (2+ years)
  • Docker, Kubernetes (1+ years)
  • Data Modelling, SQL (3+ years)
  • API's, REST, SOAP (5+ years)
  • GraphQL (2+ years)
  • Worked onsite with customers. (3+ years)
  • Good OS knowledge across OSX, Linux and Windows. (10+ years)
  • Experience with Search Indexing, Graph Databases. (3+ years)
  • Experience with Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and more. (2+ years)
  • Experience with ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Neo4j, SQL Server, Redis, netcore. 
  • If you have worked at a data implementation partner and have finished end to end projects then this is desired. You need to have gone through the full stack where you played a role in architecting, building and maintaining. 

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