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Starts at $28,500

Database Connectors


Automated Data Integration

4 Metrics


CluedIn Clean

Duplicate Detection

Rules Engine



Automatic PII Detection

Data Dictionary


Data Lineage

Bronze Support

Data Source Access Control

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Data

inc. 4 CPU Cores

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Starts at $32,000

Everything in Starter pack +

SAAS Connectors

+ 2 more Metrics

Data Governance

Consent Management

inc. 4 CPU Cores

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Data Driven

Starts at $38,000

Everything in Mature pack +

+8 more Metrics



External Enrichment

Data Profiling

Boost License

Single Sign On

Data Breach Reports

Unstructured Data

inc. 4 CPU Cores

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Everything in Data Driven pack +

+13 more Metrics

Mesh API

Data Ops

Data University

Data Hub Architecture

Data Audits

Custom Logging Providers

CluedIn Train (Machine Learning)

Data Retention

Silver Support

Fine Grained Access Control

Data Anomaly Detection

Impact Analysis

Hierarchy Management

Workflow Management

inc. 4 CPU Cores

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CluedIn is more than just a product

At CluedIn, our founders are building great products for more than just interesting technology. Every purchase of CluedIn includes a donation to a charity that helps parents with mentally or physically disabled children in any way that we can help. 

We believe this small gesture articulates the culture and types of people that work at CluedIn, but just as important, we believe it is a way to share this small token of care with our customer. 

CluedIn does not want to put any limits on your imagination and data projects and hence we have no "caps" on amount of data, type of data, number of sources or anything else. We also believe in fairness, which means that no matter how many licenses you purchase, you can always use unlimited licenses to ingest your historical data. The CluedIn platform shows its value quickly and we don't want anything to get in the way of stopping that.

So the obvious question.

How many CPU Cores do you need to solve your challenge? Get in touch and we can help calculate this for you based off your data, systems and use case.


Frequently Asked Questions

CluedIn is essentially a data processing pipeline and hence the more data, with the more functionality happening on this pipeline - results in the need for more CPU Cores. 

In general, it is typically the case that more data = more CPU Cores, but we would like to talk about some of the detail. 

Simple data is typically more efficient to process than complex data. 

So what is "Simple Data"?

Data that has structure and is typically in tables is considered simple data in CluedIn's eyes. 

Complex data is typically reserved for unstructured data such as files, mail and data with complex structure. 

Simply put, simple data costs less CPU cycles in CluedIn because we are doing "less" to mature that data. 

In saying that, the cleaner your data is to start with and the less that need to be done, will also result in the need for less CPU cores. 

Technically, no. But practically? Yes. CluedIn only charges for CPU processes that are taken by the processing pipeline and hence the CPU cores for databases and other parts is not counted and doesn't require a CluedIn license. 

CluedIn is a highly optimised processing engine and makes the assumption that you will be utilising many threads to process your workloads. Although CluedIn runs on one CPU Core, in production you will need more than one to achieve what you want. 

The outset off costs you will need to cater for include:

  • CluedIn Licenses
  • Cloud or Hosting Costs
  • Implementation costs (through a partner or building in-house)

So you have chosen an implementation partner or you have upskilled internally and you would like to know how long this will take. Reach out to get access to our implementation guide which will take you through the hours involved in a typical project. 

We will typically see that CluedIn is running in your environment within a week, and ingesting data in week 2. Depending upon the amount of data you are ingesting, you could see value within days, for bigger datasets you might be waiting a bit more. This does not stop you from starting the other parts of CluedIn so when your data is finished, it is immediately ready to go.

The biggest part of your investment will typically happen in the first year and then year 2 and 3 will mainly be focussed on costs for licenses and maintenance. 

As you start to build more internal use cases from your data, you might find that you need more CPU cores as more data is being processed and more data is being streamed to different locations. 

No. You will only need to pay for licences for your production environment. This means that all your development, continuious integration and build environments and staging are all included in your license purchase.

Or would you like to learn more first?

Everyone needs to do their research before committing and we think that the following materials will help you do that.