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About Netcompany

At Netcompany, we provide data and information-driven solutions for Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (DW), Big Data, Predictive analytics and Data Mining, Master Data Management (MDM), Performance Management, Data Quality and integration, and we understand how to link the field of data management with best practices from software development to get the right system for the organization.

“Netcomany are working at the forefront of delivering digital transformation for their clients, ensuring they are equipped for the challenges and chance of the future. At CluedIn we love working with them as it always leads to innovation and satisfied long standing customers”

– Jeppe Grue COO

A range of Services and Solutions to transform your business:

“With a growing data volume, a world-wide increasing interest for data analytics, and data processing technology evolving with incredible speed, the need for data governance has never been stronger. CluedIn is a new, innovative system for keeping the necessary overview and control of your data without losing pace in your agile development.”

Christian M. Prip
AI & Data analytics lead, Private Sector, Netcompany