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One51 Consulting



About One51

One51 is home to the collective knowledge and experience of like-minded individuals. We implement data and analytics projects for companies of all types and sizes.
Your and your organisation’s success are our top priority.
We ensure your data and analytics initiatives produce the expected outcomes and drive the value you need to maintain a competitive advantage.
We understand business problems, leverage technology, and use people skills and experience to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Read more about the work One51 has completed successfully:

“CluedIn' s innovative approach to master data management brings an additional capability and a different perspective to One51’s Data Management services and solutions.
No report or analytics will be successful if the data is not right, CluedIn helps us to make sure data remains with high-quality standards, allowing our clients to use clean and trustworthy data for their data-driven decisions."

One51 Consulting