Join CluedIn and Microsoft 

Accelerating Data Insights through Master Data Management on Azure


Accelerating Data Insights through Master Data Management on Azure

calendar-blackWednesday, Sept 1st  |  7:00 PM AEST


Master Data Management is increasingly becoming more evident on the agenda of many companies yet achieving a successful Master Data Management is not trivial – even on Azure. It is fraught with possible failure, no matter the company, no matter the people. And it is only in recent times that we have seen an increased focus on managing the company’s Master Data effectively as a discipline. This is a result of an increasing amount of data sources and new system implementations as well as data velocity, all while complexity increases.

CluedIn is an Azure-based Master Data Management platform that streamlines the process of making data ready for insights, without compromising its fidelity or flexibility.

Together with Microsoft, Tim will talk you through a new answer for MDM on Azure. Whether you are currently running on Master Data Services or looking to start your MDM journey, this will give you the building blocks to build your data foundation.

What’s in it for me?

The CluedIn platform is suitable for any large enterprise data integration use case and has obvious application to industries under higher levels of regulatory pressure. But also, industries which increasingly rely on a 360-degree view of the customer for product development, marketing or sales.

In this webinar, you will: 
  • Get a solid understanding of the MDM space and why it is key to Master your Data

  • Understand how CluedIn can help you work more effectively with your Master Data

  • Hear why Microsoft is collaborating with CluedIn as one of the solutions for MDM in Azure

  • Get a clear view of when- and where CluedIn can create value in your organization