Pricing: Leader Plan


Leader Plan

POA / year per 4 CPU cores

Includes features like:

  • Everything in Data Driven pack +
  • +13 more Metrics
  • Mesh API
  • Data Ops
  • Data University
  • Data Hub Architecture
  • Data Audits
  • Custom Logging Providers
  • CluedIn Train (Machine Learning)
  • Data Retention
  • Silver Support
  • Fine Grained Access Control
  • Data Anomaly Detection
  • Impact Analysis
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Workflow Management

+ 13 More Metrics

Staleness, Flexibility, Availability, Usability, Traceability, Complexity, Noise, Dark Data, Uniqueness, Auditability, Orderliness, Interpretability and Sparsity.

Mesh API

The ability to write back to operational systems that sent the data to CluedIn e.g. if we clean data in CluedIn, it might make sense to write these clean values back to where it came from

Data Ops

Full data processing transparency and explain log. This will give you all the metrics, telemetry and explanation on how fast data is processing, what CluedIn is doing to the data (e.g. transformation) and cost management on the cluster.

Data University

Exclusive Video content for solving use cases with CluedIn.

Data Hub Architecture

The ability to run multiple CluedIn instances in different geographical locations, but control it as if it is one instance.

Data Audits

Scheduled reports that scan the entire CluedIn data repository for possible data issues.

Custom Logging Providers

Change the logging provider of CluedIn to over 70 different providers including ELK, Azure Monitor and more.

CluedIn Train (Machine Learning)

CluedIn's secret sauce. CluedIn Train allows Data Stewards to build up Machine Learning models to make automated decisions on data quality issues.

Data Retention

Setup automated retention periods on your data in CluedIn and your source systems to archive or remove data on time schedules.

Gold Support

24 / 7 dedicated support.

Fine Grained Access Control

Cell-Level Security.

Data Anomaly Detection

Machine-Learning-Driven anomaly detection.

Impact Analysis

Before running any action in CluedIn, you can see the impact analysis to downstream and upstream consumers.

Hierarchy Management

Build custom relationships and hierarchies between records.

Workflow Management

Build custom workflows and business processes to fit your custom needs.


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