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Integral Technology Solutions



About Integral

As a leading provider of business and technical solutions, Integral is a supplier of choice for organisations with complex IT needs. Our success relies heavily on the selection of strategic technologies that exceed our customers expectations. We are proud to partner with Cluedin, a stand-out data fabric that streamlines the process of making data ready to use, to fast-track your data strategy into a value-rich experience for your customers.
Gartner estimates poor data quality is the primary reason 40 percent of all business initiatives fail to achieve their targeted benefits and effects overall labour productivity by as much as 20%.

Integral and CluedIn

As organisations, Integral and CluedIn have aligned values with a strong focus on the value we provide to our clients, this partnership positions us to take our clients through a digital experience journey that future proofs organisations and demonstrates value to their customers through a deeper understanding of their customers and their needs at all stages in their lifecycle. 
Since COVID-19 rocked our world, 59% of companies have increased their rate of innovation with 73% of those focusing on products now being offered digitally & new operating models according to ADAPT. The main business priorities for 2021 for 86% of CIO's surveyed focused on creating a data driven organisation. Integral have partnered with CluedIn to support the transition of our clients to a data driven business with minimal disruption. CluedIn provides an intuitive Master data management platform to understand and manage your data, with the goal of ensuring quality data governed correctly.

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"Through our partnership with CluedIn we believe we are offering unique and true value to our clients. The experience your customers have when they interact with you digitally says a lot about your organisation. Integral enables seamless content delivery and application integration across all digital channels, providing an engaging and effective customer experience. We help understand who your customers are, what they are looking for and how they prefer to engage with your organisation. We put your customers first, so that they put your organisation first."

Emma Haller
National Digital Lead @Integral