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Financial Controller - Based in Denmark

Someone's gotta keep this engine running!

It's important that when CluedIn is growing so fast that we keep control. If you are someone that is number-focused and has an eye for detail, we want you!

Detailed Job Description

As a financial controller, you will be managing the financial operations of CluedIn - making sure we can grow with confidence.

  • An ability to be data driven in decisions.
  • You dot every "i" and cross every "t".
  • You feel invested in the growth of a business.
  • Native English.
  • Many years experience of writing technical documentation.
  • Ability to build diagrams and visual representations of concepts.
  • Ability to generate professional audio and video content.
  • Video / Audio editing skills.
  • Ability to speak at conferences and marketing events.

Think there is a job missing here that has your name on it?

CluedIn will always have a place for people that want to solve the worlds biggest data challenges.